A little piece that I found and wanted to share..

“Black & white people are not divided. Fools & black people are divided. Racism is not just about white folk or any other ethnicity. Yes, white privilege does exist, but black people shouldn’t make it personal, white people that think they’re privileged because of the color of their skin are mostly arrogant, ignorant dumb fools. Yes, systemic racism & racial police brutality exists & some are intentionally targeted.

Black & brown people are powerful, & the most beautiful, smart, funny & amazing people, not to mention kind & loving, that ever walked this earth & I’ve met. I’ve been called the ‘N’ word throughout my life & made to feel I was not equal to. I have nothing against white people, black & white people were always equal, who I am against & are not equal to are racist fools. Racism is the stupidest most asinine thing that exists, shame on the human race. Many, many people have a lot of catching up to do. I’m waiting…” 


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