“Matty can you turn the music down, I can’t hear myself think” as 30 something Lauren brushes her platinum blonde mane while brushing her teeth. Matty grunts back, “Yeah”. “Hey, are you working today?” Lauren shouts back “Ya, going into the office for three hours to write two pieces that are stuck in my head & then I have a hair appointment”. “Hold on L someone is at the door” he swaggers to the door. three seconds later, “Lauren there is a girl here to see you”, “Who is it?” “Egg, (as he softly laughs) she said her name is Egg?” while walking towards the back of the house. Lauren walks to the door as she eyes a petite girl with a dark brown bob & an emerald nose ring “Hi, I’m Lauren can I help you with something?” “Hi Lauren, pretty name, by the way, I’m Anna Mancini, you donated an egg 18 years ago & well, I’m it (with an awkward smile)!”. Slightly stunned “You’re beautiful Anna, (feeling light-headed) um, do you want to come in”, ” Sure, thank you. Sorry to come so early and unannounced, I’m a student at Laguna Beach High school, I have a bad case of senioritis & skipping school to come to see you”. “Uh-oh, I hope that’s okay?”, “No worries it is, I’m all caught up with my studies & basically it’s ‘smooth sailing’ until I graduate”, “Okay, good” Lauren adds quickly.

Anna, both excited & nervous asks “Am I catching you at a bad time?”, “No, I was just on my way to the office for a couple of hours, would you like to come with me, some people bring their dogs to work so I’m sure it’s not a problem bringing a kid” Anna laughs. “Oh my god sorry, I didn’t mean for it to come out like that”, laughing “No worries I knew what you meant, sure!”, excited “OK, cool. Let me grab my bag & we can be off!”. As the girls walk to Lauren’s car, Anna asks “What do you do?”, “I’m a writer”. “Cool! I want to be a painter, well I am one know but would love to make a living at it!”, “Sweet, I can I see your work sometime?”. “YEAH, of course, I would love to show you!”. “Will your parents be mad that you’re here?”, “No, they’re cool. they trust me.” She smiles at Anna. Anna with her nose crinkled looking at Lauren “We have the same shaped eyes”, Lauren sticks out her long neck & peers in “What do ya know, we do. Your eye color is hazel, so pretty”, “Thank you, yours are too, dark brown?”, “Yup”!

As they both walk into her office building. Lauren sees Joe casually leaning himself at the reception desk. “Hey Joe, this is my new friend Anna (as she winks at her)!”, “Well hello there Anna, it’s nice to meet you!”, Anna shyly smiles while looking at the large male adult “Hi”. The girls are walking to Laurens cubicle, Anna brightly chirps “I turned eighteen yesterday!”, “Happy Birthday!”. “I wanted to meet you the second I became an adult but my annoying parents insisted on having a dinner & a cake, gag”. They laugh in unison, Lauren chirps back “I’m honored!”. Lauren sits in front of her computer & Anna plops down on the swivel chair & swivels around. “What do you write?”, Lauren contently smiles “I write announcements, Birthdays, wedding, engagements, births & anniversaries for The Laurel Canyon Ledger”, Anna chimes in “Cool”!. “What do you like to do Anna when you’re not painting or in school”, “I like to play with my little brother Milo, he’s three. I like to bake, watch movies & hang out with my friends”. “Are any of those ‘friends’ a special someone male, or female?” Anna goofily giggles, “Oh. sorry was that too forward or personal?” Anna, smiling from ear to ear “No, not at all, I think my friend Adam is smokin’ hot!”, a wide-eyed smiling Lauren “Nice!”. “So who was the guy who answered the door?”, with an easy going reply “Ahhhh that would be Matty, my soul spirit”. “Soul spirit? Cool, I never heard it used that way before”. “So, OK Anna I have to write an engagement of a same-sex couple & both of their names are Mary, you wanna help?”, “Sure, that sounds fun. Mary Mary, I love how our garden grows”, School-girl laughter erupts in unison.

Walking back to the car two hours later, Lauren turns to Anna “Are you hungry?”, “Starving!”, “OK then, let’s feed that belly”. Both with excited smiles as they hop in the car. “This is so easy, the conversation, my demeanor, it comes so naturally. I was so nervous.” Anna anxiously states, “I know what you mean & you’re right, it does” Lauren with her care-free reply, “Oh, & you never have to be nervous around me, please don’t. Feel free to talk about anything, my ears will always be attentive”. Anna shyly smiles. “So what are you in the mood for, burgers/sandwiches, salads, soup?”, Anna quips “Sushi?”. “Ahhhh a girl after my own heart, Sushi it is”. They’re delightfully dipping their colorful square fish in green gold & soy sauce. Lauren is blissfully content filling her belly with goodness “So tell me about your mom and dad!” Anna looks up while thinking “My dad Brian is so cool, he is a writer as well and a musician. He’s Italian & Latino”, “Wow that’s a nice ethnic mix, do you have a picture of him?” Anna pulls out her phone, Lauren is peering in “Oh my god he is so handsome”, “Thank you, I love my mom too”. “OK then” a soft laugh erupts from Lauren. Anna joins in “No, my mom is so loving and attentive, it’s just my dad is my best friend”. Anna takes her phone to Laurens’ face “Here’s my mom”, Lauren is looking at a face of an Indian woman with sea blue eyes. “Oh MY god Anna, she is beautiful!”, “I know, she is! She was born in Mumbai. She is a child psychologist”. “So tell me about your parents, oh & why did you donate an egg, thank you by the way?”, “You’re very welcome! OK well let’s see, my dad died when I was 8, cancer, & my mom was a fashion model in the 80’s & 90’s, now she is a fashion show designer & humanitarian. She organizes a lot of women’s foundations. Oh, wait for it (she pulls out her phone & sticks it in Anna’s face)”. “Oh my god Lauren your mother & I have the same exact nose!”, “I know right!”, “I can’t wait to meet her if you want me to, that is”, “Oh my, of course, I would love that!”. Lauren ponders “OK, so the donor egg question. Well, I was just starting my last year of college & I read an ad a couple, your parents were looking for a donor & would pay 20 grand, & as a poor college student my eyes widened, plus I thought it would be so cool to give a life to a childless couple”. “Cool, what did you do with the money, if you don’t mind me asking?”, “No, not at all. Books, tuition & I bought a car(with a bright smile)!”, Anna laughs. They get up & exit the restaurant. As they’re walking to the car, Lauren excitedly asks “Oh I have a hair appointment, do you want to come along? We can make it a spa day, my treat!”, “For sure!”

The girls are lounging in black puffy chairs while getting their toe & fingernails primped. “Oh, my god Lauren what happened to your big toe, it’s crooked with a blue tint!”, “Yeah, I know, thanks for the reminder. My first boyfriend dropped a 75-pound dumbbell on it, & it’s permanently blue”, Anna’s nose is crinkled “Eww. ouch”, they laugh in unison. “So, Anna what kind of hairstyle are you thinking about?”, “Hmmm platinum blonde with black tips on the ends (proud & confident)!”, “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t want to get in trouble with your parents”, “Oh, no it’s cool, my mother and I talk about me having that same color, a change-up since I’m graduating, it’s fine!”, “OK, Oh, where are you going to college in the fall?”, “an art school in LA”. Lauren smiles at hearing the location. Lauren walks out of the massage area, stunned while looking at Anna “Wow, you look beautiful”, “Thank you, oh can you take my pic so I can text it to my mom?”, “Sure, Oh who does she thinks you’re with?” , “Oh, my friend Julie, I think. Don’t worry I’m going to tell her all about you when I get home. We already talked about this before I turned eighteen. She’s gonna be so happy for me!”. Lauren is looking at Anna in awe, she puts her head down & gently weeps, “Lauren (worried) what’s wrong?”, “I’m…I’m just so happy you came into my life, I thought about this for eighteen years, ever since I made the donation & if anything came of it. I just want to be your friend & be there for you for the rest of my life. And give you whatever you want & need, whether it be money, emotional support, anything!” Anna is teary & quickly springs up from her seat “Awwww. I want us to be more than friends. Like sisters, best friends, family!”, “I would love that!”, the two tightly embrace. They’re walking back to Lauren’s car, she stops “Hey, Egg? (Anna smiles while turning her head towards Lauren’s face), I have a confession to make, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but It will not take me more than two days to fall madly in love with you, kiddo (as she scruffles Anna’s black & blonde bob)”. Anna is beaming from ear to ear “Fine by me!”.

Christine Krantz copyrighted 2018